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   Promoting Social Justice for All Welsh Citizens

is now being recognised throughout the United Kingdom that the English language, especially literacy skills is vital to all children’s future. English is not only the academic language of the world, but it is also increasingly becoming the language of commerce. 1.25 billion speak English across the world. Children’s development of English language fluency facilitates social mobility.

      Children are facing a very uncertain future with impending automation. A House of Lords Report claims that 30% of the current employment opportunities will be lost in the United Kingdom in the next twenty years

       Irrespective of how passionately Welsh speakers feel about the Welsh Language, developing fluency in the English language, which will always remain a matter of degree, is vital for children’s future. English remains the native language of 89% of the citizens of Wales.

Mission Statement

      Dr. Margaret Newcombe, Cardiff School of Welsh, has claimed that English has been the language of commerce and law since the Act of Union in 1636 in Wales. The English language must remain an important language to speak in modern Wales. It is much easier for Welsh speakers to develop English language fluency, because the English language is all around them, than it is for English speakers to learn Welsh, which is not.

    There are English speakers, who are prejudiced against Welsh speakers, who  even questioned their speaking of Welsh on the streets. But there are also Welsh language activists, who argue that because they are bilingual, that English speakers must devote six or more years of their lives attempting to learn Welsh. It is very easy for people to demand what other people should when they do not have to do it themselves.

About Howard

   Howard is a retired teacher and educationalist, who has researched cognition and language cognition in his retirement. He is the first educationalist to write a researched book on how to teach and learn Welsh. Technically he can speak Welsh, because he can understand it, but he cannot speak it. He is not fluent in the language.

  Howard two other websites are and (Save Our Children from Political Interference).

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  Howard has created this website, which he intends to develop into a society, because he believes that the importance of children learning English and the interests of English speakers in Wales has not been fairly represented in Wales. Many Welsh language issues have been imposed on the English speaking population without active engagement with them.

      Howard wants to ensure the society will not invite or promote anti-Welsh language prejudice and that what is asserted will be researched based. Too often those who have raised concerns about the Welsh language policies have been accused of being prejudiced against the Welsh language and they have been put down.

    Howard has created this website to create a framework for a society to be created. His intent is that this should be high grade website, which will be aimed at ensuring that Wales remains a pluristic society, where the opportunities and the contribution that all Welsh citizens can make to Welsh society and the economy is valued and respected. 

Mission Statement

  The main intent of E.L.S. Wales is to ensure that a climate of openness and honesty is maintained in respect of all language issues in Wales and that the scales of justice are balanced between Welsh and English speakers interests. English speakers in Wales have no English Language Commissioner to represent their interests.
  Howard has declared that he is only interested in creating the frameworks for this society, which he hopes will extend beyond Welsh languages issues.

         There is an intent to raise funds to publicise E.LS. Wales concerns and to pursue any campaigns that will be need. Howard does not want to be involved in financial issues.

  His consultancy is a resources that will include source researched information.
       Socpie, which is still being developed, will have a restricted professional membership. Anyone cited will be offered researched evidence.

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There is a bibliography on for all references and researched paper on the site.