New Laguages Should not be Learnt in a Spirit of Hope, Optimism, and Guesswork.

Meta-cognition. Learning how to learn makes language learning easier, more efficient and more rewarding.


         Howard is a retired professional teacher, educationalist. His new book provides learners with the opportunity to improve thier learning of a new language.

        Learning a new language can be compared with the task like climbing Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland. The learning path learners embark on may provide them will early learning success, but it may not be the path that will lead them to longer term learning success.

      Many computer based language courses are of dubious value. 

       Learners are intelligent human beings. New languages cannot be effectively learnt through memorising phrases and reguritating them like parrots. 

     Constantly practicing speaking a language, practising it 'until you can do it' is not an effective language learning method.

      Few learners will reach full native like language fluency in a new language. It is important that they have realistic ambitions of what they will be able to achieve. There are no miracle methods of learning languages.

          This website will explain details about Howard's boo. It will also provide some feedback from readers and answer readers questions.

Howard is retired. He may not be able to answer every enquiry.