How to Use this Book

    Learners are advised to periodically revise this book so they will become increasingly familiar with its contents. They need to develop an understanding of what is presented in the book and to apply it to take control of the book of their learning.


      The chapters are designed to be revised individually. There is some repetition of key issues in the book to enable to create a complete picture of the specific chapter topics. Some readers may not choose to read every chapter of the book.


      Learning how to learn has relevance to all learning. There is nothing special about learning a new language and the strategies applied can be used in general learning.


  New language learning is primarily the process of taking all the grammar from a grammar book and a portion of words of a dictionary and getting to the head of leaner. If learners can fluently apply the contents of this book, they will improve their learning and more rewarding, challenge experience. Developing secure foundations to new language learning enables accelerated learning in the longer term.




    This book is not sourced referenced, but a selection of references is offered to reinforce some of the most important point